Organize a Conference with SMS!


Interested in organizing a special conference? We welcome ideas and expressions of interest from members who want to be involved in creating a special event that focusses on a specific topical area. These conferences are typically co-organized between the SMS, an Interest Group, and a group of local individuals and/or institutions.

Proposals for special conferences are usually jointly developed in a cooperative process with the organizers and once completed address the following broad questions:

  • Who are the scholars and institutions that will be involved?
  • What are the academic/practice rational and the scholarly contribution of the planned event?
  • When and where would the event take place?
  • Who will be the audience, who is expected to attend this event?
  • What will the budget look like and, especially, what avenues are available to help fund the event?

Getting Started

To get started, please contact the SMS Executive Director or any member of the Conference Committee of the Board of Directors. We can schedule an initial exploratory conversation and take it from there. Maybe work through your Interest Group and its leadership; conferences proposed by Interest Groups have a great head start! Start early, we will work towards finalizing a proposal and confirming an envisioned event approximately 18-24 months before the event date.